Pool Shop

We are located at 20 Barry Avenue Mortdale NSW 2223 and stock quality chemicals, a wide range of pool equipment, spare parts, pool accessories, fittings and pool toys. We use the most advanced water testing system that gives accurate results to keep your pool perfectly balanced. Our friendly staff have the backing of our experienced mobile technicians and pool builders to resolve any problem or answer any questions about your swimming pool or spa.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday:  8.30 AM TO 5.00 PM


We stock a wide range of quality pool chemicals including:

  • Pool Salt
  • Minerals
  • Sanitisers
  • Balancers
  • Stabilizers
  • Algaecides
  • Cleaners & Stain Removers
  • Clarifiers & Flocculants
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Spa Chemicals

Equipment & Spare Parts

We stock a large variety of pool and spa equipment and can supply spare parts for your existing pool equipment including Zodiac, Poolrite, Waterco, Hayward, Astral, Onga, Pentair, Spa Electric, Maytronics and many other brands. If we don’t have a particular item it in stock, we can order it for you and normally receive it within a couple of days.


  • Pumps
  • Filters
  • Chlorinators & Chemical Feeders
  • Cleaners
  • Lights
  • Heating
  • Pool & Spa Automation
  • Water Features
  • Mineral Pool Systems

Spare Parts

  • Skimmer Baskets & Skimmer Parts
  • Pool Cleaner Parts for Suction Cleaners, Pressure Cleaners and Robotic Cleaners
  • Pump Baskets, Capacitors, Pump Lids & Pump Spare Parts
  • Chlorinator Cells & Spare Parts
  • Cartridge Filter Elements & Spare Parts
  • PVC Pipes and Pool Fittings
  • Filter Valves & gaskets
  • Transformers, Lighting Spare Parts and Cables
  • Spa Jets, Spa Controllers & Spa Fittings
  • Pool Building Products, Pipes & Fittings (as we are pool builders, we stock most items used for the construction & repair of swimming pools. We have a large variety of valves, eyeballs, suction covers, pipes, fittings, glues).

We can book an on-site service call to repair your pool equipment or you can bring your equipment it in to our shop and we will arrange repairs.


  • Test Strips
  • Pool Cleaning Accessories
  • Hoses
  • Resuscitation Charts
  • Depth Markers
  • Pool Toys & Games
  • Pool Ladders and Steps
  • Pool Covers
  • Repair Kits
  • Sound Proof Filter Box Covers




Chlorinators & Dosing Systems





Mineral Pool Systems


Spare Parts

Water Features