Frequently Asked Questions

Pool Building

What approvals do I need before I build a pool?

The Swimming Pool Act 1992 requires that all swimming pools be approved by your local council. Artesian Pools will prepare all the documentation required for your signature, and then lodge it at the Council on your behalf.

How long will it take to complete my pool?

Normally a concrete swimming pool will take around ten to twelve weeks from start to finish, delays may result if bad weather is experienced.

Will water restrictions stop me from building a pool?

As part of the water restrictions now in place across Sydney, the Blue Mountains and Illawarra, you may need a permit from Sydney Water before filling your new or renovated pool if it holds more than 10,000 litres of water. To get your pool permit you will need to show that you are committed to long-term water savings. Details can be found on the Sydney Water Pool Fact Sheet. Just click on the link below:

Can I have any shape or style that I want?

Yes you can have any shape or style of concrete swimming pool. Concrete pools give you the flexibility to design a pool to suit any backyard, including small or awkward spaces, and steep and sloping blocks. Concrete pools can also be designed for indoor areas, or combine the indoors with the outdoor area. They can also include special features such as wet edges, beach areas and spas.

What type of finish can I have?

The type and colour of internal finishes available for concrete pools is extensive. Finishes include Pebblecrete, Beadcrete, Rendering and Tiling. Interiors are available in a rainbow of colours, from subtle hues to blend in with the water and surrounds to vibrant pebble with glass or coloured tiles for something really different and individual.

How much will a swimming pool cost?

The cost of a concrete swimming pool can vary greatly depending on size, style and location. Artesian Pools do not offer a standard range of prices but prefer to personally discuss your requirements, and offer you different options to suit your budget.

Pool Maintenance

How often do I need to service my pool?

The frequency is dependent on the pool size, pool location (e.g. if it is surrounded by trees with falling leaves), the pool usage and the season of the year. Pools generally need to be serviced more regularly in summer than winter.

Is salt water better than chlorine?

Salt-water chlorination makes your pool much easier to maintain, needing much less attention than a chlorine pool.  Salt-water pools generally cost less than half that of a chlorine pool.

What causes the pool to go green?

– Incorrect amount of chlorine
– Insufficient circulation / insufficient running hours
– Insufficient salt in salt water pools
– Black spot or algae which uses up chlorine very quickly
– The chlorinator needs cleaning or repairing