Pool Building & Renovations

New Concrete Pool Design & Construction

Artesian Pools can construct a pool specific to your needs and lifestyle. Concrete pools give you the flexibility to design your own style, including colours, finishes, coping, water features, heating, cleaning and sanitation.

Your pool should be built to function, complement your surroundings and reflect your lifestyle. The design is a very important part of the decision to construct a pool.

Concrete pools also have the capability to meet the requirements of any building site.

Pool shapes can be individually designed to suit any area, including awkward angles, tight spaces, or sloping sites.

There is no practical limit to producing a swimming pool shape or design.

We have a reputation for building the pools that nobody else wants to build, working with complex designs and difficult sites.

Pool Renovations

You may have an existing pool that is unusable or just needs a makeover. A pool renovation can enhance the look and appeal of your pool and transform your entire outdoor area.

Renovations can be relatively minor, or you may want to redesign the shape of your pool, add a spa or water feature or change the interior surface of the pool.

A renovation can make a tired old pool appear brand-new. Updating  new equipment such as pumps, cleaners & lighting can save on energy costs, simplify maintenance and change your pool from chlorine to salt or mineral.

We can also coordinate fencing and landscaping for an entire makeover.

Pool Repairs & Resurfacing

Artesian pools specialise in the repair of structural problems, restoration of concrete cancer, rust, and repairs to tiles. We can also repair and replace paving and decking around pool areas, replace damaged pipe work and pool equipment.

Over time your existing pool surface may have become warn or faded, tiling may come loose, or surfaces crack and disintegrate. Artesian Pools can re-surface your pool with a range of new interiors to transform the look of your pool.

There are now a lot of new products and finishes available including pebble with glass or beadcrete available in almost any colour that may not have been around when your pool was first built.

We specialise in fully tiled pools using quality adhesives and grouts specifically designed for underwater that come with a ten-year manufacturers warranty. Tiling allows you to showcase your pool using features such as borders, artwork, waterline tiles. There are endless types of tiles available in different sizes, colours and finishes.

Our standards are the highest and we have over 25 years’ experience building and renovating swimming pools.

Step by Step Guide to Building Your Pool

1. Free Quotation

Contact our office to arrange a visit from our builder to personally discuss your requirements offer advice and prepare a no obligation free quotation.

2. Planning and Approvals

If you decide to proceed, we can then assist with planning and council approvals. Home Owner Warranty Insurance and a contract are drawn up. The final design details are checked, including coping, equipment, pool interior and optional accessories in preparation for construction of your pool.

3. Construction

The first part of construction is the excavation, once excavation is completed the reinforced steel is installed. The pre-plumbing and any pre-electrical work are completed before inspection by the council or certifier, then the spraying of concrete is the final step of construction. You should then allow three to four weeks for curing of the concrete.

4. Coping Fencing & Surrounds

The coping and the pool surrounds are installed next. There are many styles of coping including stone, paving, tiles or decking. Artesian pools can also coordinate your pool fencing, or the pool owner may arrange the installation of the fencing themselves. We can also arrange the landscaping, which can be carried out during the curing time.

5. Interior

The swimming pool interior is now installed. Different styles available include fully tiled, pebblecrete, beadcrete, fibreglass, rendering with tiling, and painted pools. We use quality Mapei and Laticrete materials for installation of tiling and stone, which come with a ten-year warranty.

6. Completion

After the installation of your safety fence your new pool is cleaned and acid washed. The pool is filled, and the chemicals, minerals or salt added. The pool equipment including filters and pumps are started and we demonstrate how the equipment works.

7. Service after completion of your swimming pool

You can now enjoy your new swimming pool, knowing that you can always contact Artesian Pools for help or advice at any time. We also offer a regular pool maintenance service where we can look after everything for you.