Building A Pool

A swimming pool can be the entertainment centre of your home. Selecting a licensed builder, checking local council requirements and understanding your legal rights and obligations are just some of the factors you must take into account before taking the pool building plunge.

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NSW Swimming Pool Registration

The Swimming Pools (Amendment) Act 2012 requires all homeowners to register their pools online by 29 October 2013, or face paying a fine. The register is now up and running and NSW pool owners can register their pools now.
New legislation for the sale or lease of a property with a pool will apply from 29 April 2014. Your pool will need a valid certificate of compliance before you can sell or lease a property with a pool.

If you are preparing to sell or lease a property with a pool or spa, contact your local council to arrange a pool inspection.

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Swimming Pool Safety Measures to Go By

Nothing is as scary as having a pool in your backyard and inexperienced swimmers in your household. It is very important to keep swimming pool safety in mind to help alleviate some of the fright that comes with owning a swimming pool.
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Have you Considered a Swimming Pool Cover?

Although swimming pools are a fun and exciting way to cool down on those hot summer days, they are not without risks. Far too many children drown each year in swimming pools, and this made more tragic by the fact that it can be so easily prevented by simply using a swimming pool cover.
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Swimming Pool Pump Facts

You can have the biggest, fanciest pool in the neighborhood, complete with tiles imported from Italy or painted with cool designs, floating rafts and fed by a gushing fountain, but without one specific piece of equipment, that shimmering pool can turn into a duck pond in about a week flat. What’s that vital piece of equipment? A swimming pool pump is a crucial piece of mechanics that works hard to keep your pool clean.
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