New Concrete Pool Design And Construction

Artesian Pools can construct a pool specific to your needs and lifestyle. Concrete pools give you the flexibility to design your own style, including colours, finishes, coping, water features, heating, cleaning and sanitation. Your pool should be built to function, complement your surroundings and reflect your lifestyle. The design is a very important part of the decision to construct a pool.

Concrete pools also have the capability to meet the requirements of any building site. Pool shapes can be individually designed to suit any area, including awkward angles, tight spaces, or sloping sites. There is no practical limit to producing a swimming pool shape or design.

Pool Renovations

You may have an existing pool that is unusable or just needs a makeover. A pool renovation can enhance the look and appeal of your pool and transform you entire outdoor area. Renovations can be relatively minor or you may want to redesign the shape of your pool, add a spa or water feature or change the interior of the pool. Installation of new accessories such as pumps, cleaners & lighting, or updating the pool fencing and landscaping can create an entire new look.

Pool Repairs

Artesian pools specialise in the repair of structural problems, restoration of concrete cancer, rust, and repairs to waterline tiles, step areas, and broken and damaged swimming pool tiles. We can also repair and replace paving and decking around pool areas, replace damaged pipe work and pool equipment.

Pool Resurfacing

Over time your existing pool surface may have become warn or faded, tiling may come loose, or surfaces crack and disintegrate. Artesian Pools can re-surface your pool with a range of new interiors to transform the look of your pool. There are now a lot of new products and finishes available that may not have been around when your pool was first built. There is a wide range of materials available including tiles, beadcrete and pebblecrete, available in almost any colour to resurface your existing pool.

Pool Tiling

Artesian Pools specialise in fully tiled pools, with over twenty years experience in tiling. We use quality adhesives specially designed for underwater that come with a ten-year manufacturers warranty. There are many different types of tiles available including different sizes, colours and finishes. Tiling allows you to showcase your pool using features like waterline tiles, wet deck tiles, borders, patterns and artwork We can show you a wide range of styles, or tile your pool using your own design, artwork or drawings. If you want a classic style pool or something entirely individual the possibilities are endless.

Water Features

Water features can range from a small trickle or jet of water to a power fall the entire length of a wall. They enhance and add to the appeal of your swimming pool. The use of subtle lighting can also highlight or illuminate a water feature creating a stunning effect. We can design and build many different styles using stone or tiles to create an ambience and effect
specific to your surrounds.

Pool Fencing

Artesian Pools can coordinate and arrange the installation of your pool fencing. Glass, Steel and Colour Bond pool fencing are all available. We use highly qualified licensed installers with many years industry experience.  They offer quality fencing systems, specialising in frameless glass pool fencing at a cost you can afford.


We can also coordinate landscaping for you, including plants, gardens, decking, pergolas and permanent pool furniture.  Your requirements may be as simple as a couple of plants to complete your new pool, or to design and construct a whole new look for your outdoor area or entire back yard.

New Equipment and Upgrade

Artesian Pools can repair or upgrade most swimming pool equipment and accessories, including pumps and filtration, heating, lighting, and cleaning equipment. We recommend the use of quality equipment that comes with a manufacturers warranty. We can replace and install Skimmer Boxes, Filters, Pumps, Automatic Cleaners, Heaters, Salt Chlorinators, Lighting, Ladders, Hand Rails and many other accessories. You can also convert your saltwater pool to a freshwater pool, which is less expensive to run and easier to look after.